How E-commerce Drop-ship Retailers Can Compete With Amazon in 2016

2016 has been a rough year for dropship e-commerce retailers. One of the main reasons is because Amazon is eating up more of the market. It seems like more and more products than dropship retailers are selling online have little to no margin left after they’re done competing with Amazon. So that is why online retailers should try this simple strategy.
If you’re in a commodities market, treat your core products as irresistible offers. Don’t worry about making money off of your commodity products. Focus on generating revenue on the backend by providing high converting upsells.
For example in the sporting goods market I sell knives. Instead of focusing on making money selling knives. I price my knives competitively in order to acquire new customers. Then I had post sale one click upsells, to my shopping cart with the relevant products to knives. This helps me to maximize revenue allows me to be the most competitive and also generate revenue for advertising and still make a profit. If you would like more information about this type of strategy please let me know. Also I would recommend reading irresistible offer by Mark Joyner.

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